Provide relevant information about the market, your business, your competition and your consumers / clients.

  • Brand analysis
      • Brand analysis

        Definition of the brand diagnostic, conducted by in depth interviews, online research, focus groups and desktop research to reveal the perceptions of different groups about the brand and define strategic guidelines that will give support to the construction of the brand platform.

  • Market diagnosis
      • Market diagnosis

        Make a scan of the market by analyzing competitors and benchmarking, defining market trends and movements that can affect the business and identify consumer behavior, product mix, communication and treatment on the POF, to map possible actionable opportunities and differentiation of the company in its market.

  • Portfolio analysis
      • Portfolio analysis

        Understand product categories, their relation with each target public and how the product line can be expanded or reduced. During this analysis, it is defined what is the objective of the products, unmet needs of the product mix and positioning of the products in comparison with the competition are defined.

  • Internal diagnostics for companies
      • Internal diagnosis of companies

        Make a scan of the company: understand how it works, its processes, vision of the future, expectations and challenges.

  • Theme research
      • Theme research

        Study in depth a specific theme of the client’s interest, which can or can not be related to the core business.

  • Design Research
      • Design research

        Research with focus on a deep observation of human behavior to develop new concepts or products.

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Drive actions that promote the development, launch and support of a brand, product or service.

  • Brand strategy
      • Brand architecture

        Define brands’ hierarchy, the relation between them and their roles, for a company or group of companies, to organize its offers and to create a clear communication to each targeted public.

        Brand platform

        Create a unique personality that guides all actions of the company and align the communication in all points of contact. This personality has to be a part of the corporative culture and guide all actions of the company to guarantee the delivery of the brand promise to all stakeholders.

        Naming & verbal identity

        Create names for companies, products and services, analyzing the registration possibilities and availability of the website’s domain.

        The verbal identity defines the brand’s voice, which means the verbal expression, the way to communicate it. It establishes the tone and style used in the elaboration of all communication texts.

    • Brand architecture
    • Brand platform
    • Naming & verbal identity
  • Performance strategy
      • Performance strategy

        Model the way a company will act, through the definition of its strategy approach, market of interest, key message, storytelling and communication concepts and materials.

    • Planning the launch
      and implementing new brands
  • Service design
      • Service design

        Develop desirable, rentable and viable services, with a human centered design approach, by applying design thinking methodologies in the process.

  • Innovation projects
      • Innovation projects

        Stimulate the generation of new ideas in the company, prioritize generated ideas, organize information and consolidate it in a strategic path.



Make it tangible

Create the visual and verbal expression that composes all the interactions that a brand will pose with its audience, transmitting the intentions and values of the project.

  • Brand identity
      • Visual identity

        The visual expression is composed by all the interactions that the brand will have with its target public. It consists of all necessary elements of communication with the public to build a solid and efficient image: logo, colors, graphics, pictograms, typography, images, website, stationary, among others.

        Brand manual and guides

        Document containing brand normative and patterns.

    • Visual identity
    • Brand manual and guides
  • Signage projects
      • Signage projects

        Inform, guide and communicate the flow and the dynamic of a determined space in an objective way, reflecting the visual and verbal identity of the brand through colors, forms, textures and typography.

  • Graphic design projects
      • Graphic design projects

        Create materials that gets message across and establish a communication unit for the brand, in a way that it will be making it easier for the reader to identify communications made by the company.

    • Internal communication
    • Annual reports
    • Editorial projects
    • Stationary
    • Infographics
    • Leaflets, brochures, catalogs
    • Texts
    • Materials for point of sale
    • Packaging design
  • Digital design
      • Digital design

        Create the company’s website, considering its architecture, content adaption and layout development, based on the brand identity.

    • Websites

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